Configure Document Type General Options

To configure the General page options:

  1. In Configurator, expand Document Types in the configuration tree to display the document types.

  2. Select the document type that you want to configure.

    The document type's property pages appear in the right pane.

  3. On the General page, click the Edit button.

  4. Click options or type values using the descriptions in the following table.

  5. Click OK.

Document type general options
Option Description

Display Name

Type the name of the document type as you want it to appear to users.


A default internal name is calculated. Accept the default in most cases.


Type an optional description of this document type that appears as a tooltip.

Document naming

Select Use default file name if no name calculation will be performed. Users can type a file name when a document is created or accept the default file name. Select Calculate file name if you want file names for this document type to be calculated automatically when documents are created, such as to conform to your organization's naming standards. Click the Meridian Enterprise Script Editor button to build a VBScript expression to calculate the file name. This calculation will also be performed when users invoke the Issue New file name command in the Meridian client applications.

Select Calculate file name upon import if you want imported file names to be overwritten with calculated file names.

Select Calculate file name upon project copy creation if you want the file names of newly created project copies to be calculated.

For more information on calculating file names, see File Name Calculation. For information on using VBScript for configuration expressions including their limitations, see the Accruent Meridian Enterprise VBScript API Reference.

Document type workflow

Select Use built-in workflow to use this document type's built-in workflow and to configure its Initiation, Work in progress, and Review and approval phases on the Workflow page as described in Configure Document Type Workflow. Select Use workflow definitions to use one or more custom workflows for this document type. For information on configuring custom workflows, see Create And Edit Workflow Definitions.

Select an option for Initial workflow state after Derive/Replace to apply when new documents are created by the Derive Document, Derive with References, or Replace Document commands. For more information about these commands, see the Accruent Meridian Enterprise User's Guide. Also select an option for Workflow state after Revert to apply to documents when the Revert to this Revision command is executed. For more information about this command, see the Accruent Meridian Enterprise User's Guide.


Select General unless this document type will be used by the Meridian Transmittal Management Module, in which case select Transmittal or Submittal accordingly. Select Hybrid document if you want other document types to be able to be attached to this document type as parts, such as hybrid drawings composed of both vector and raster files. Type text in Postfix to be appended to the names of normal documents that are converted into hybrid documents by the Convert to Hybrid command. Because the name of the part file is assigned to the main file by the command, the Postfix text ensures that all file names are unique within the vault. For more information on working with hybrid documents, see the Accruent Meridian Enterprise User's Guide.


Changing an existing document type to be a hybrid document type can take a long time to complete if many documents have already been made from this document type.


Disabling the Hybrid document option of an existing hybrid document type does not detach part documents from existing documents made from this type. The documents will remain hybrid documents and the document type change will only apply to future documents made from this document type.


Type one or more keywords to identify this document type in VBScript expressions with the ConfigKeywords property as described in Accruent Meridian Enterprise VBScript API Reference. Keywords are always stored in upper case. They are exported and imported with vault configuration (.met) files.

Disable all notifications

Prevents all email notifications for the selected document type.