Configure Document Type Workflow

If a document type's workflow option on its General page is set to Use built-in workflow, the document type will use document type workflow. The document type workflow built into each Meridian document type allows you to use a graphical workflow diagram to configure a workflow process for each document type. The workflow must be followed by users to create new revisions of documents made from that type. For more information about document type workflow, see Document Type Workflow.

The options on the Workflow page of a document type are then grouped into three workflow stages, Initiation, Work in progress, and Review and approval. The options you choose in each group dynamically update the workflow graphic on the right side of the page. You configure the workflow by selecting the options that best represent your organization's revision process. If these options are insufficient to reproduce your revision process, consider using workflow definitions instead, which are described in Workflow Definitions.


The workflow manager referred to in the workflow options is the person who initiates the workflow, regardless of the Meridian security role or job function. However, the workflow manager can be changed at any time during the workflow to a different person if necessary. For more information on routing documents in workflows, see the Accruent Meridian Enterprise User's Guide.

To configure document type workflow:

  1. In Configurator, expand Document Types in the configuration tree and select the document type that you want to configure.

    The document type's property pages appear in the right pane.

  2. Click the Workflow tab.

    The workflow options appear. If the workflow graphic becomes too large to see as you set the options, click the Zoom to Fit button to resize the graphic.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Click options or type values using the descriptions in the following table.

  5. Click OK.

Document type workflow options
Option Description


Select an option to configure how the workflow will be initiated, either directly to a user for editing or first to a workflow manager who assigns work. Select Users can refuse assignments to allow users to refuse assignments that are assigned to them directly. Refused assignments are returned to the workflow manager for reassignment.

Work in progress

Select Documents under change can be forwarded to add an optional Forward transition to the Under Change state. This option can be useful if users collaborate on the same document revision.

Review and approval

Select the options that best represent how your organization reviews and approves document revisions.

Generate renditions after the following transitions

Select the transitions that you want to initiate the generation of a rendition. The new rendition will replace an existing rendition if it exists.


This option is ignored if the Use renditions option is cleared as described in Configure Vault Settings.


The Retired workflow state is added to all workflow configurations. This state is useful for retaining obsolete documents in a vault for reference but blocking them from being edited by future workflows.