Custom Commands

You can add custom commands to the vault to increase the functionality of your configuration. Custom commands can use any of the events, procedures, and objects available in VBScript. This generally limits command functionality to within a vault. To create custom functionality that extends outside of a vault, consider using external applications, as described in Configure External Pages and Link To External Applications or develop custom Visual Basic expressions.

Custom commands can appear as buttons on a property page or as items on the shortcut menus of documents or folders.

Custom commands have the following limitations:

  • They can be restricted to specific security roles.

  • They do not affect folder contents recursively.

  • Their scope is different depending on the object that is selected by the user, as listed in the following table.

    Custom command scopes
    Selected object Command scope

    Normal folder

    Documents within the folder

    Empty custom folder type

    The selected folder

    Non-empty custom folder type

    The selected folder and the documents that it contains


    The selected document

The commands are defined in the Meridian Enterprise Script Editor as described in the following topics and using the event procedures described in Meridian Event Procedures.