Renditions Updater Tool

When you move from using AutoViewer to using PDFTron, if you want to see previous renditions of your documents you must create those renditions. As of 2021 R2, you can use the Renditions Updater tool, which allows you to generate these renditions in bulk.

When you use this tool, the rendition settings from the current version of the document are applied to all previous renditions of the document.

Renditions created using this tool are not visible in the PowerUser, they are visible only in the PowerWeb and Explorer clients.

To use the updater tool:

  1. Navigate to C: > Program Files > BC-Meridian > Program.

  2. Double-click RenditionsUpdater.exe.

    The Renditions Updater tool opens.

  3. Click the Select button to the right of the Target Vault field.

  4. Select the vault you want to work with.

  5. Enter the type of documents you want to map in the Wildcards field.

    Enter each document type using the following syntax: *[file extension]. If you want to enter more than one document type, separate the document types with semicolons. For example, if you wanted to map Microsoft Word documents and CAD drawings, you would enter *.docx;*.dwg .

  6. Click the Map Jobs button to the right of the Wildcards field.

    A Job Mapping window opens. The wildcards you entered in step 5 appear as line items in the window.

  7. Select the wildcard you want to map from the top pane.

  8. Select the rendition job you want to use for this wildcard from the drop-down menu.

  9. Click the Select button.

  10. Repeat steps 7-9 for each wildcard.

  11. Click OK.

  12. Enter the number of items per job you want to process in the Items per job field.

  13. Choose between two options:

    • Select the Wait for job completion check box.

      This check box will create a job in the Publisher for the first batch of renditions, but it will not create the next batch until the first batch has been processed.

    • Clear the Wait for job completion check box.

      Clearing the check box will tell the tool to create all publisher jobs immediately. This may decrease the performance of the server. Other users of the system may be affected.

  14. Click the Start button.