PowerWeb: Audit Page not loading

Customers have reported that the Audit Page is not loading in several browsers. This is a known issue that will be addressed in a future update of Meridian Cloud.

This way the issue presents itself depends on which browser you are using:

  • for Chrome / Edge 90 or below, follow the workaround below:

    1. Enter chrome://flags in your address bar.

    2. Disable the SameSite by default cookies option.

    3. Restart your browser.

    4. Reopen PowerWeb.

    5. View the Audit Page.

  • for Chrome / Edge 91, we do not have a workaround. Instead, generate the URL manually, using the below syntax:

    https://[tenancy name].meridian360.com/portal/landing/audit?MeridianContext&ObjectID=[revision ID of the document without brackets]

    The revision ID can be found on the Advanced property page of the document.

  • for Internet Explorer, click the link to open the audit trail in a new window.

  • for Firefox and Safari, the Audit Page is working as expected.