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Migrate Documents to New Quick Change

In the Meridian 2021 R2 release, a first step is made toward unifying the three different workflow systems (Quick Change, Single Document Workflow and Configurable Workflow) into a single system. The aim is to migrate all workflows to a Configurable Workflow.

This makes workflows easier to manage, and makes all functionality and configurability available for Configurable Workflow available to all workflow systems.

In Meridian 2021 R2, Quick Change can be replaced by Configurable Workflow. This is optional; if the advanced features of Configurable Workflow are not needed for Quick Change, the current functionality can continued to be used in order to minimize impact on the configuration.

Migration to the new CWF-based workflow is triggered by creating the Quick Change workflow definition. This done by adding the predefined QuickChange Workflow Definition in the Configurator.


You can download the configuration which implements this use case here. This configuration does not depend on any external components. It can be imported into an empty Vault and will be fully functional.

ClosedCreate the QuickChange Workflow Definition

To create the QuickChange workflow definition:

  1. In Configurator, expand WorkFlow Definitions in the configuration tree to display the existing workflow definitions.

  2. On the Edit menu, select New QuickChange Workflow Definition.

    A new QuickChange workflow definition is added to the configuration tree and its property pages appear in the right pane. You can only have one QuickChange workflow definition.

  3. Follow the remaining steps in Create And Edit Workflow Definitions in the Meridian Technical Library.

ClosedMigrate Documents to New Workflow Definition

Once this workflow is added, the documents currently in Quick Change must be migrated to the new workflow. This is done with the following steps:

  1. Create a custom command to migrate a document from Quick Change to the QuickChange workflow

  2. Create dynamic collection containing all documents in legacy Quick Change

  3. Run the custom command on all documents in the collection

ClosedCreate the custom command

Create a custom command Migrate Quick Change, assign it to all Document Types and add the following script event:

Sub MigrateQuickChange_Execute(Batch)
    If Not Document Is Nothing Then
        If Document.WorkFlowState = AS_WF_WORKINGCOPY Then 'The document is in Quick Change
            Document.Migrate "QuickChange", , "Migrated to new Quick Change"
        End If
    End If
End Sub

This code will check if the document is in the legacy Quick Change, and if so migrate the document to the QuickChange Configurable Workflow.

ClosedCreate a dynamic collection with all documents in Quick Change

Documents in Quick Change can be found by searching for documents for which the Status Flags property equals 512.

To find your Quick Change documents and save them as a dynamic collection:

  1. Open PowerWeb.

  2. In the Search ribbon, in the Find group, click Find.

    The Find Documents dialog box appears.

  3. Select Status Flags from Property.

    The properties available in this list depend on the vault's configuration and your security privileges.

  4. Select equals from Condition.

  5. Type 512 in Value.

  6. Click Add to List.

  7. Click Find Now to run the search.

    The Search results page appears.

  8. Enter a name in the Save as new dynamic collection field.

  9. Click the Save button.

    The search results are saved as a dynamic collection.

ClosedRun the command on the collection

To run the command on the collection:

  1. Open PowerWeb.

  2. In the view list, click the name of the collection that you created in the previous procedures.

    The collection contents appear in the navigation view pane.

  3. Click the Commands tab in the ribbon.

  4. Click the Migrate Quick Change command.

    The documents are migrated to the new Quick Change. After the command is executed, each document will have an entry in the workflow log.

ClosedUpdate Configuration Script Code

To adapt the configuration (e.g. Assignments and visibility expression) to the new Quick Change, replace every place where Document.WorkFlowState is compared to AS_WF_WORKINGCOPY (or 512) to the same comparison with AS_WF_CDWF_UNDERCHANGE.