Error: Unable to connect to server on computer '[MeridianServerHostName]'. Access is denied

DCOM errors can prevent users from authenticating or performing tasks on Meridian PowerUser and PowerWeb.

Some users might find an issue that prevents them from connecting to the available vaults in Meridian PowerUser. The following message appears:

“Unable to connect to server on computer '[MeridianServerHostName]'. Access is denied”


This issue usually occurs when the client machine does not have the last Microsoft updates. It impacts all users if the Meridian Server is also not updated and if there are other servers already updated in the infrastructure.

The issue can occur even if the DCOM protocol is enabled/allowed to the user in the client machine as expected and if the Meridian server(s) and client machines already have the Meridian DCOM Patch installed — patch information: DCOM/RPC-authentication level"Connect", which is available for Meridian 2019 R2, 2021, 2021 R2, and 2021 R3 only.

The following are examples of events that might appear in the Event Viewer if the issue prevents users from seeing the vault(s) in PowerUser and shows the message "a security package specific error occurred":

  • In client machines, Event IDs 10037, 10038, or 10016 (DCOM)

  • In the Meridian server, Event IDs 10036 and/or 7001


If the issue persists after installation of the Meridian DCOM patch, follow the instructions below.

For a quick resolution, the responsible IT staff needs to ensure application of the last Microsoft Windows updates in the server and client machines if any of them is missing updates when compared to other servers and client computers in the same network.

The client machine should have a Windows Build that is still supported by Microsoft and is receiving updates. For example, there is no solution available for this issue in Windows 10 build 1709.