Besides using Navigation views, Meridian Enterprise offers you multiple search methods for finding documents that are described in the following table.

Search methods
To do this... Use this...

Quickly search a single property for values that start with certain text.

Key Find from a property page

Quickly search a single property value using more conditions than available with Key Find or to quickly search memo or the contents of documents.


Meridian uses the Windows Search engine to find text in document content. By default, it will search in open standard file types such as .txt and .xml, as well as the Microsoft Office file types such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and so on. Image file formats cannot be searched without first processing them with optical character recognition (OCR) software. Files without name extensions can only be found by property searches, not by content searches. Your system administrator can add support for more file types, for example, .pdf (including renditions), .dwg, .idw, .sldrw, and .dgn. Meridian also searches the redline comments created by AutoVue in renditions.

Quick Search from the toolbar

Search any properties, use the most conditions, search multiple vaults, or save the results for future reference and share them with other users.

Find from the toolbar or ribbon

Create shortcuts that open PowerUser and immediately run a simple search and display the results.

See Command-Line Arguments.

All Meridian Enterprise search methods are case-insensitive. Searches are limited to the current scope.