Link Options

The Autodesk Inventor link options control how the link behaves during actions that affect the document in the vault.


These options can also be configured by a system administrator in the Windows registry on your computer and may be unavailable for you to configure.

To set the link options:

  1. In Autodesk Inventor, on the Meridian menu, select Options.

    The Options dialog box appears.

  2. Click options or type values using the descriptions in the following table.

  3. Click OK.

Autodesk Inventor link options
Option Description

On document open

Activate BC browser

Shows the Accruent browser whenever a component is opened from a vault so that you can see the related components, their locations, and workflow status.


In Inventor 2018, you must activate the Accruent browser manually by clicking the + icon at the top of the Inventor Browser.

Show file open options dialog

Shows the Autodesk Inventor File Open Options dialog when opening assemblies.

On document change

Show a message if the document is read-only

If an open component needs to be updated, shows a warning message if it is not checked out to you. Select one of the available options to control what action is performed for read-only components.

Use the Under Change state to modify the document

If an open component needs to be updated, it is first routed automatically to the Under Change state of the document type workflow that is assigned to the document type. If a workflow definition has been assigned to the document type, this option is cleared.

On document save

Save or update DWF file

When an open component is saved, also creates or updates its rendition to reflect the current design of the component. Select For current document only or For all modified documents to specify which renditions to update. This option is relevant only if the vault is configured to generate renditions. Otherwise, this option is ignored. The update will be added to the Accruent Publisher queue and will be processed according to the publishing job that is assigned to the vault.

Show file save options dialog

Shows an Options button in the Inventor Save Copy As dialog when saving assemblies. You may click this button to show the Inventor File Save Options dialog.
No automatic upload Disables automatic upload of your drawing when you save or close. If this setting is enabled, you must click the Upload Drawing button in the Link ribbon to upload your drawing to the vault.

This option dialog box can also be shown by clicking the Options button in the Autodesk Inventor Open and Save dialogs.

2021 R2