Configure Column Layouts

Most views in the Meridian client applications where columns of document properties are displayed can be configured. You can configure which columns are displayed and in what order. This is useful because users will want to see different properties in some views than others.

Each view can be configured using a different property page, as described in the following table.

Configurable column layouts
Page Description

Folders View Columns

Columns shown in the Explorer navigation view.

Search Result Columns

Columns shown in the results of the Find documents command.

Folder Search Result Columns

Columns shown in the results of the Find folders command.

Preferred for Search

Default properties listed in the Property drop-down list on the More Criteria page in the Find dialog for users without the Advanced Document Properties privilege. Users with the privilege may select from all defined properties. If empty, any user may select from all defined properties regardless of the privilege.

Select properties in the From folder of type list to make those folder properties searchable.

Project Copies Columns

Columns shown in the Reference Explorer by the Show Project Copies command.

Revisions Dialog Columns

Columns shown in the Revisions dialog of a document.

Archive Columns

Properties output by the Vault Archive Wizard in Meridian Administrator.

References Dialog Columns

Columns shown in the Select Documents dialog when creating a reference to a document.

Set Property Value

Properties shown by the Set Property Value command. If empty, custom properties that are enabled for scripting and rendition properties are shown by default. Functionality of the command is determined by the Set Property Value and Advanced Set Property Value privileges described in Vault Privileges.

However, the process for configuring the columns is the same for each page:

  1. In Configurator, expand Environment in the configuration tree and select Column Collections. The vault's settings appear in property pages in the right pane.

  2. Click one of the tabs listed in the preceding table. The current column layout is shown.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. To add a property to the layout, select a property from Available columns or From folder of type and click the right arrow button to add it to the Displayed columns list.


    Adding folder type properties to the Displayed columns list is required to make the properties searchable in the client applications.

  5. To remove a property from the Displayed columns list, select the property and click the left arrow button .

  6. After you have selected the appropriate properties, use the up arrow button and down arrow button to arrange the order of the properties in the Displayed columns list.

    Their order determines the order in which they will appear in the view, from left to right.

  7. Click OK.


A property added to the Displayed columns list will remain assigned to the column layout even after the property set is unassigned from any document or folder types as described in Create And Edit Custom Property Sets. Unassigning it merely makes it unavailable for being added to a column layout from that moment on, it does not remove it from any assigned column layouts. To remove it from a layout, you must explicitly remove it as described in step 5.