Assign Document Types To Imported Files

Assigning document types to imported files ensures that the documents are correctly classified in the vault. The Document Types page in the Database Import Wizard allows you to select specific conditions under which documents in the source database are assigned to different document types.

To assign document types to imported files:

  1. On the Document Types page in the Database Import Wizard, select a document type from Document type.

  2. Specify options that determine which files in the source database will be assigned the selected document type.

    Use the descriptions in the following table.

  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each document type that you want to import.

Document type options
Option Description

File extension is one of

Select this option and type a file extension that matches the files to import.

Database field

Select a field from the field list, select an option from the criteria list, and type a value in the text box. The options that you specify will determine which files get assigned to the selected document type.

Expression is True

Select this option and type a VBScript expression to calculate the files to import. Click the Meridian Enterprise Script Editor button to build a VBScript expression. For information on using VBScript for configuration expressions including their limitations, see the Accruent Meridian Enterprise VBScript API Reference.

Import hybrid components as parts of the hybrid document type

Select this option if the documents that match the criteria you have already selected are hybrid document parts. This option is only enabled if the selected document type is configured as a hybrid document type.


The document that will be the main part of a hybrid document must be in a released state so that other documents can be attached during the import as hybrid parts. The status of imported documents is determined by the After importing documents option described in Configure Vault Settings unless the Status property is initialized, as described in Initialize Document Properties.

Database field that identifies parts of a hybrid document

Select a field from the list that has the same value for all parts of a hybrid document. For example, if all of the parts of a hybrid drawing have the same file name but different extensions, select the field that contains the file names.