Create And Edit Lookup Lists

Lookup lists are suitable for small lists of standard values that seldom change or that you want users to be able to add new values to without modifying the vault's configuration. Lookup lists may have only one column of data, so they are not as useful for cascading value lists as using tables. Lookup list data is stored within the Meridian vault and may be edited with the Configurator. Users with the Can Type Unlisted Values privilege for a specific lookup list may type new values with the Meridian client applications.


The total of all lookup list values must not exceed 4K characters and no more than 255 characters per value.

To create or edit a lookup list:

In Configurator, expand Lookup Lists in the configuration tree to display the existing lookup lists.

  1. Choose between three options:

    • To create a new lookup list:

      1. On the Edit menu, select New Lookup List.

        A new lookup list is added to the configuration tree and its property pages appear in the right pane.

      2. Proceed to step 2.

    • To edit an existing lookup list:

      1. Select the lookup list.

      2. Click Edit.

      3. Proceed to step 2.

    • To delete an existing lookup list:

      1. Select it in the configuration tree.

      2. On the Edit menu, select the Delete button.

  2. On the General page, type a name for the lookup list in Display Name.

    This name will not be visible to users. A default internal name is calculated in Name. Accept the default in most cases.

  3. To restrict the use of this report to specific users, click the Privileges button.

    For more information about security roles, see Security Roles.

  4. Click the Entries tab to edit or add values.

    The existing list values are shown.

  5. To change an existing entry, select it and click Remove Entry.

    Then click Add Entry and type the correct value.

  6. To add a new value, click Add Entry and type the value.

  7. To import entries from a text file, click the Import button.

    Each value must reside on a separate line in the text file.

  8. Click OK.


To edit multiple entries, first export the existing list to a text file by clicking the Export button. Then edit the text file with any text editor. Clear the existing list by clicking the Clean All button. Last, import your edited values by clicking the Import button and selecting the edited text file.