A briefcase is a file that can be used to transmit documents and selected property data to external parties as a single file. Briefcases are similar to popular archive files such as ZIP and RAR except that, in addition to containing other files, a briefcase file also contains metadata about the documents it contains. A briefcase consists of a single file with the .brc extension that can be opened with the MeridianView Briefcase command.

You can also create briefcases in open standard formats, such as ZIP or RAR, if the vault has been configured to make use of this feature. Such briefcases can be opened using the format's default application, such as WinZIP and WinRAR. Document metadata is stored in these briefcases in Excel or Access format, depending on the configuration of the briefcase template.

If you intend to use briefcases that will typically have documents added and deleted from them and the briefcase file size is important, use one of the open standard formats. Briefcases in the Accruent Briefcase (.brc) format that are modified by Meridian Enterprise commands are not packed (unused disk space reclaimed) when documents are deleted. Briefcases in the open standard formats are always packed.

Briefcase configuration consists of three types of settings:

  • Option sets that specify how briefcases are created and imported for different purposes

  • Briefcase format definitions, including an archive file format and a metadata file format

  • Briefcase templates that specify combinations of both of the above

Configuring briefcases is described in the following topics.